Knowledge is power.

  • About Us - Our company was founded by a Veteran that knows a thing or two about the CMF. We watched some of the other placement companies talk a mean game but fail to understand the real value in our candidates. We've been there/done that and we figured we could do it better. While 'do it better' still remains to be seen, we think we're doing a pretty alright job so far.
  • Cost to companies- Placement firms charge up to 35% for developers in 2017. We can beat that.
  • Cost to candidates - nothing unless you bail on us. Since we invested into you, you might have to pay us back if you leave the program. Some companies like Google do not use placement firms so if you get a job there (and we hope you do!) we will work something out with you for our time and money invested.
  • Referrals - We absolutely have a referral program. Ask about it. We pay you for both candidate and company referrals that turn into a placement! Each successful referral pays in the hundreds of dollars range! The minimum requirement to qualify for a referral is a point of contact within a company who expects us to call.
  • Our Mission - Adeptly place candidates into the right position into the right culture, do it profitably, have some fun, and leave the CMF some great talent.
  • Our Vision - Candidates transition to civilian life in an exciting, meaningful way and find a culture where they belong.
  • Our Values -
    • Put people first. The first step is knowing and understanding them
    • Follow the Golden Rule
    • Right person for the role
    • Do is the scariest, most difficult word in the world. Learn to love it
    • Stand up for your convictions
    • Candid communication supports the right feedback
    • Transparency
    • Family: We support family time. That means that you might not get an immediate response on nights and weekends.